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Memorable First Date

This is a huge moment for any guy, and along with it comes the huge pressure, of making a great start. One thing that puzzles all is how to make a great start. One golden rule from the Holy Grail of love ☺ is to buy a small gift for the lady of the night and charm her with your gesture. Don’t go in for too expensive or jazzy gifts in the first meeting, as she may think that you are either desperate or a show off.

Some simple yet effective possible options can be the following:

1) Silk Scarf – One of the best options if you want to be contemporary,adventurous and different. Color and design can vary as per  liking but the impact will be the same on her.

Trendy Blue Catchy Print Soothing Color
Trendy Blue Scarf OwlScarf Multi colored Scarf
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2) Nice Trinket – Jewelry has been known to be woman’s great companion for ages now and this can help in making a great first start for many such dates to follow. Small and nice trinket can help you in making a big leap in your relationship.

Star Pendant Shining Armour Lock your Love
StarPendant Gold&PinkBracelet Lock&KeyPendant
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3) Chocolate Box –Chocolates are known to leave a sweet impression on anyone. There are plenty of options to chose from. You can add extra charm by gifting handmade chocolates which are not available easily, signifying that you have walked the extra mile to make this date special and memorable for her

Expressing Chocolates Choco Box Chocolate Love
CreativeChoc ChocBox ChocBouqet
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4) Bunch of Flowers – This is the most common and widely given gift for the night. Flowers have a soothing sensation and packed in all the fancy colors can help in making an exciting and pleasant start to the night

Red Romance Pink Magic Charming Queen
Romance PinkMagic FlowerKing
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Similarly, the way you plan to spend the night can have a great impact on how well you get to know each other. Going to dinner or movie are some of the common options that people go for, but if you want to spice up the evening, then can look out for these options before heading out to the common stuff

1) Standup Comedy – It may be great idea to break the ice by tickling the funny bone and getting to know each other better as the night progresses

2) Bowling game – It can be lot of fun though it may sound like total cliché. Bit of rivalry on a romantic date can always spice up things

3) Special events – Is there a special event in your city that comes around once a year? Special events and celebrations are a unique experience that can be memorable and fun too

4) Wine Tasting/Ice Skating one hour class can be uniquely different and super fun time for both of you.


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