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Don’t let your patriotism die!

Indpendence Day

We all love India. We love Indian diversity, history, culture, Indian sport (though majorly it’s cricket), Indian music and cinema (Bollywood). Though there are areas where we need to improve as a country but still we love our country and we our proud of it. Yes, there is sense of patriotism in our heart but our actions are often not aligned to the way we talk.

India is home to an estimated 6.8 million artisans.The production of handmade products could very well be the second largest source of employment in rural India after agriculture. Yet, for a country with beautiful handmade products, tremendous diversity and a rich craft tradition, India’s share of the global market for crafts is less than 2%.

‘MADE IN INDIA’ is one such initiative and our intent is to give it an impetus in a bit different way. We would like you to be more thoughtful when you purchase a gift next time for any other occasion. In our relentless drive towards urbanization has the handmade sector—handicrafts and handlooms—been forgotten. But for sure these handicrafts are one of the best things you can gift to you loved ones.

Some pieces of Indian culture you can gift on any occasion are listed below.

1) This Ganesha is handcrafted by artisans in Jodhpur. . Any imperfections and blemishes are part of this process and are intended to give each piece its individual and unique character.

Golden Ganesha

Click here to buy

Sleeping Ganesha

click here to buy

2) A handmade hand-bell for spiritual moments of life


click here to buy

3) North Indian handicraft bamboo cups – whether you savor a hot cup of tea or cold lassi, is up to you:)

Bamboo Glasses

Click here to buy

4) Ashoka stambh to adorn one’s office desk – Satyamev Jayti

Ashoka stambh

Click here to buy

5) Set of 3 Hand Carved Buddha Heads Made from wood


Click here to buy

6) Wooden Wheel Clock made of Sheesham Wood  and Vintage Antique type for Home Décor


Click here to buy

7)Artesian master piece to enhance the beauty of your house

Couple on Bed

Click here to buy

8) North eastern hand-crafted pagoda lamp to enlighten the living room or bedroom

Pagoda Lamp Stand

Click here to buy

9) Well if you love your jewellery, then you cant ignore this handmade jewel boxe. It adds to the elegance to your precious jewelry

Jewel box

Click here to buy

10)Rosewood Mandir can be given to a family on any auspicious occasion

Rosewood Mandir

Click here to buy

11) A hand craft gift for kids and chess enthusiasts.

chess board

Click here to buy

12) A perfect gift for an housewife. A hand crafted chapatti box which has both utility and beauty.

Chapatti box

Click here to buy


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