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Leos- The Dazzlers!

Leos- The Dazzler! (Gifts for him)

You must have heard the famous quote from Spiderman Movie “With great power comes greater responsibility” but for an average Joe at work only comes greater responsibility and no power 🙂

Recently, I was given the responsibility of celebrating employee birthdays in office. Managing the regular chores of party was an easy task, the difficult task was to plan a gift for birthday boy/girl.

My Job became more difficult when next in line was my boss. Yeah! He\she is the same person who doesn’t like you and finds shortcomings in everything you do. Suggestions are always welcomed but at least they should make some sense. The best advice which came to me was why don’t you consult a Panditji to help you and that’s where the lightning strike me. My boss is a Leo and let see what all we can gift to a Leo.

Defining his Personality: Leo’s love to relax and luxuriate in comfort. They want bright colors that reflect their zest for life. Appearance is important to them because they like to make an impression wherever they go.

Flamboyant clothing that will garner them attention is welcome. Choose vibrant colors like red, orange, or gold. They want to shine! Anything from evening wear to a neck scarf is pleasing, as long as it is dramatic and sexy.

Blazer Capture Flamboyant trouser
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Personal accessories can be a great choice. Choose something to adorn or personal grooming items they have been eyeing.

bracelet Perfume WristWatch
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A gift certificate for a adventure trip, a day at cruise or a motor bike expedition may also please them greatly. You can also gift outdoor hiking and camping tents to unleash the wandarer inside them.

cruise Motorbike expedition Tent
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They love being pampered and cared for.Unique gifts appeal to Leo.The want to stand out in the crowd. These few selectables can be real treat for them.

transistor_visiting_card_holder_s Truck photo frame whiskey glasses
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Remember, they appreciate getting the very best! When they want the best, remember that this doesn’t always mean in terms of what money can buy. Depending on their interests, this could be their a fond memory recollection, best selling book or a great sovenir.

book Customized mobile frames sovenir
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If all else fails, think music. A CD of their favorite movie or tickets to a concert may make their day especially if they get to take you along:). To make anything stand out as a great gift for Leo, remember to make that presentation special. Many times as long as the presentation is suitably ceremonial, Leo will be happy with almost anything. They love the pomp and circumstance as much as their gift. They just don’t do subtle.

ticket This is it comics

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