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Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Friends are present in all places today from phone book memory to FB posts to Twitter tweets to Whatsapp groups. We don’t give them a miss on any medium and are always eager to catch all the action about them for one simple reason – they live in our hearts and are an essential element of our life. Life is short but sexy with friends.

Friendship Day is an occasion to pay tribute to all your friends.Well you pay tribute to all but for some close friends it demands bit special because there are something’s that are best done only with your best buddies and with no one else. No matter how strong a relationship maybe, it constantly needs to be nurtured with love and care.

In this e-age, there are numerous ways to expressing our unconditional love and support to our dearest friends and let the friendship evolve.So, if you find them indispensable, pay a tribute to your friendship and gift your dear ones, token of appreciation for great years spent by and many more to come.

If you are awakening now to realize that friendship day is just around the corner, then you can use some of the express options to be on time for the occasion

1) Gift card

Gift cards are available for all major e-tailers and can be purchased sitting any where across the globe and be delivered in minutes to any part of the globe.


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2) E- Books

Books are cliche now and it’s time for e-book – available any time, any where and on any medium to read. With Friendship as theme, select the book with characters that match your friendship story.


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3) Friends Collage

There are some things which money can’t buy and memories are one of them. If you are part of gang and gifting every one is heavy for your pocket, this is how you can be center of attraction in your group. Prepare a collage of all your gang members online and share it on Facebook or Google+. You will love the reactions you get. Its very simple to create a collage. Go to website https://pixlr.com/express/ .Choose a layout, add pics, do some editing and whoooo your memory is ready to be shared with your friends.


Click on Photo to learn the steps

4) DIY Photo Lantern

If you feel scrapbooks and photo collages are things of past, then this is just the thing for you. A Do-It-Yourself lantern customised with your best pictures. A lovely way to preserve your memorable moments and a gift your friend will cherish throughout life.

Click on Photo to learn the steps

5) DIY Flip Flops

Always great to gift something which is of utility. These trendy and simple do it yourself flip flops will be special  and dear to your friend because they are made by you. And the love behind your excellent craftsmanship will make it even more special and lovely. So think outside the box with this option and rock the bonds of your friendship.


Click on Photo to learn the steps
Flip Flops



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This entry was posted on July 26, 2015 by in Friendship Day.

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