Remember, Express and Share Happiness

HYCHKEE -Expressing Happiness

We all live in a busy world where we strive in everyday to achieve our goals and ambitions. In our journey of life , we meet with different people, travel different places and do so many exciting things that we cherish when we look in retrospection :). Be it good old school days to bunking college classes to proposing girl of your dreams to slogging in the job trying to impress to prove a point and the list continues…………………..

Above all this is the great time spent with parents in a place called Home, rather “Sweet Home”. All these memories often lead us to celebrations, parties; hang outs, dinners to express our happiness and thanks for all those magical moments of our life.

Now comes the little difficult part – how to express our gratitude and thanks. Emotions are a great companion but alone don’t suffice. They need to be accompanied with something tangible .This is where I was stuck after completing one year of my marriage.

I had embarked on a new journey in my life and really wanted to thank my wife for the fun filled one year that went away in a breeze. There was a deluge of options thanks to big bang emergence of ecommerce in India but what was lacking was a worthy recommendation/opinion at hand. Something that could help me narrow down the options from an infinite set to a finite set, at the same time, matching my parameter conditions of being appropriate for the occasion and with-in budget.

When I discussed this with my friends, I discovered that this was a common phenomena and that led to the birth of “Hychkee”.The name “Hychkee” is from the old Hindi proverbial phrase that if somebody remembers you, you get “Hyhckee” – time to remember,express and spread happiness through magic of gifts to all loved ones.

Express and Spread Happiness

Express and Spread Happiness


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