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Dress Down Fridays

Thank god here comes Friday, the last working day of the week☺. There is a feeling of accomplishment for the hectic week gone by and everyone’s is in mood to enjoy the weekend. So, Friday’s by default tend to be little bit laid back.

Dress Down Friday’s is a common trend in most organizations and employees are allowed to come out of their normal business attire and let their fashion statement speak for themselves. Do you have the fashion that matches your style? Well, if there is a long pause, then it’s time to Gift yourself the fashion that expresses your style and personality on casual Fridays.

Well, there is no single formula or accepted protocol to express this fashion but the common accepted principle is to wear something that fits your size and doesn’t offends or disturbs the professional decorum.
Here, at FridayAttire’s we bring you 5 ways to express your fashion on casual Fridays

Jeans or Chinos?
Jeans has been a fashion staple of men’s wardrobe for ages. Chinos originated as pants worn by military but have slowly and gradually gained popularity as summer fashion staple.
Jeans are considered bit too casual attire for dressing to work whereas chinos, on the other hand, are considered stylish, cool, comfortable and appropriate office wear. Chinos are available in variety of colors and sizes.

Blue Ocean Rusty Red Naughty Yellow
Romance RedChinos YellowChinos
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Sihouette Shirts
Trendy shirts that showcase men’s silhouette and underlines masculinity are in trend and need to be part of man’s fashion collection. Some of them look great while tucked into pants whereas others tucked outside.

Smart Checks Constrast Collar Unique Design
RedShirt BlackShirt BlueShirt
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Colorful Loafers
Loafers are undeniable preppy,catchy and stylish and are great alternative to formal shoes. They easily allow oneself to express individuality and look wonderful on anybody. They work great with chinos and are available in suede or leather – both options gel well with the causal attire look.

Aldo Red Catchy Black Graceful Blue
RedLoafer BlackShoe BlueLoafer
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My Way – Wayfarer
Wayfarer Sunglasses are timeless and edgify your look and add a casual-cool to your outfit.

Always Black Vibrant Red Trendy Blue
BlackWayfarer1 PinkWayfarer BlueWayfarer
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Time machines
Since you’re not wearing your suit, why not swap your formal watch for a more casual style – canvas or coloured straps instead of leather. These subtle alterations will balance out your look and help your casual get-up come alive.

Casual Grey Elegant Orange Smart Red
GreyWatch Orangewatch RedWatch
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